New Bes Catalogue 2021

Bes KNX catalogue 2021 has already been published, along with the new price list that came into effect on April 1st.

Highlighting the new releases for this year:

New touch-screens and WEB servers

We start by including the VIIP, a new family of KNX touch screens with support for SIP communications, allowing them to be used either as home automation screens or as video intercom. Also adding the ETHBUS-K-IoT (Ref. DS203000), new KNX DIN rail IoT node with support for SIP communications; and ETHBUS4-K (Ref. DS202020), our updated KNX web server with improvements in performance and speed. In addition, the previous devices allow the control of the installation by plans as well as by rooms.

CO2 sensors in the Cubik range

Regarding Cubik product range, new references of thermostats are incorporated, tos, Cubik-THCA and Cubik-TLCA, which in addition to temperature probe, now include a CO2 sensor. In this way, it is intended to cover the new needs that have arisen in recent months due to the global pandemic.

More clima gateways

Finally, Ingenium continues working to expand the portfolio of clima gateways with the development of two new references for domestic ranges: LGAC-D (Ref. GW632100), which allows the control of LG® VRF indoor units; and DKAC-D (Ref. GW630200) for Daikin® home indoor unit control.

With these new releases, Bes KNX maintains its growth and continues to expand its range of solutions with the intention of covering all types of KNX home automation installations.