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Ingenium is a designer, developer and manufacturer of home automation technology…   Watch video →

The company is located in the North West of Spain and the entire process from design to manufacturing is carried out in Asturias as a means of ensuring that the high standards demanded by Ingenium in quality of the product are met.

Ingenium products are easy to use, control and install, whether for the home, workplace or public buildings.

We offer two protocol/product lines: KNX® and BUSing® our own communications protocol.


Using our trade-mark Bes, we offer a wide range of own manufacturing devices that work under KNX® protocol standards.


Under our own brand name Ingenium, we develop and market products that work with our communications protocol, BUSing®.

Quality is an important part of Ingenium’s company philosophy.

 Quality Policy

First company in Spain certified ISO 9001 in R+D+i

We collaborate with the Spanish recycling associations ECOEMBES and ECOASIMELEC.

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