Home Automation Conference

The last commercial action of Ingenium in Latin America, led to visit countries such as Ecuador and Peru. There, we had the opportunity to know more deeply the work that partners are carrying out in the area, either for BUSing® products and the KNX product line, in addition to strengthening the relationship.

During the visit of Ingenium in Peru, a home automation conference, KNX home automation and Google Home was held in Lima. This event was organized by Inttecin, and taking advantage of the presence in the city of Miguel Sánchez, export manager, they could count on with his participation.

In the event, the possibilities offered by home automation and latest developments in the field were presented…

One of them is the integration of Google Home with a home automation installation and that Ingenium has implemented it on all its screens with web server and ETHBUS, for free and without the need of any additional device.

With this novelty, Ingenium fulfills its objective of adapting to the demands of a market in constant evolution.

To help us in our international expansion, IDEPA (Economic Development Agency of the Principality of Asturias), has granted funds to Ingenium as part of a regional programme to support SMEs in the way of export.