Bes hotel solutions

The Smart Touch vertical screen series with web server and thermostat integrated, along with the wide range of Bes products, enable full customized control of a hotel room intuitively.


This capacitive screen 4.3″ with 4 pages and 38 control icons, can replace switches and room thermostat, and even use any background image or customize the appearance of icons to fit hotel brand identity style. Moreover, you can change your the interface look at any time, so the appearance can fit to different situations (night,day, holidays, etc.).

The integrated web server allows remote control of the room, it also incorporates a temperature PI controller, a powerful logic unit and advanced programming scripts.

With all these features combined with any other Bes products, like a hidden movement detector, magnetic sensors for room door and window, and on/off actuators or LED lighting dimmers, it is possible to provide the hotel room with better control features to enhance comfort and energy efficiency: including the elimination of switches and card holders, creating scenes and environments, or energy saving modes when there is no people in the room, etc.