New Bes Catalogue 2020

Like every beginning of the year, Bes publishes its updated products KNX catalogue including the main novelties.

As it was advanced last month, the first launch of 2020 is a new bidirectional infrared emitter, the IRKNX-BI (Ref GW640200), which means that it can receive orders from the IR side, and convert them into KNX telegrams, and vice versa. However, during the next months the different products that Ingenium has been working on, will be released.

In the climate section, two new KNX gateways will be launched to integrate air conditioning of PANASONIC (Ref. GW634100) and MIDEA (Ref. GW633100) brands. In this way, the needs of the market are covered even more.

After more than 14 years working on the Bes KNX line, it continues to evolve and improve.

The new products catalogue will be presented shortly with our assistance to the international Light+Building 2020 fair to be held in Frankfurt.