New Bes Catalogue 2017

2017 comes to Bes, the Ingenium’s KNX product line, with a cataloge full of news.

In this catalogue, Bes presents its new devices that maintain a clear identity with which the brand was born: simple products, easy to program and intuitive.

An example is the new range of pushbuttons or the evolution of our actuators and dimmers.

Our new devices consolidate our commitment to versatile products, which guarantee comfort, safety and energy efficiency without forgetting the design. They are a good example of our investment for innovation.

  • Bes, increasingly present in new countries, builds an innovative home automation concept that complies with the specifications of the standard KNX protocol, which enables its integration with other KNX manufacturers in all types of installations.
  • Quality, innovation and design continue distinguishing Ingenium KNX devices, a leading company dedicated to the design, development and manufacture of the highest home automation technology since 1998.
  • Willingness to innovate without neglecting the manufacturing process, gives us the confidence of our customers, and makes every year more users come to Bes.