Easy Server, with Bes is easier

It’s never been so easy to configure a KNX web server…

Thanks to the experience and work developed by Bes R&D, with the combination of our software and devices, configuring a KNX web server becomes an easy and reliable method of just 5 simple steps.

We call it Easy Server, and is a great advantage for any KNX installation equipped with our web servers.

In our product range we have several KNX web servers. From a basic device, the ETHBUS-K (Ref: DS202000), to several touch screens that have integrated web server,  including our new 10,4″ screens PPKL10 (Ref: DS211200 y DS211100) that have entered into production very recently.

  • All our devices with KNX web server included have WiFi, making easier connectivity and any configuration task.
  • We also highlight the ability to control an installation from any location with a mobile device, thanks to our applications for Android and iOS.
How to set up a KNX web server in 5 easy steps
  1. Software
    Download SIDEKNX from our website

  2. Project
    Load the images or photos, place the icons in the desired position and link group addresses

  3. Download
    Connect the web server to your network and download the project by WiFi

  4. Alta en la nube
    Register the installation in the cloud easily from the web server

  5. Aplicación
    Download the free app for Android or iOS and control your installation from any location

Promotional brochure:   Bes Easy Server