Cubik, hi-tec home automation with customizable design

The Cubik series devices is the main novelty presented for this year in our wide range of KNX products.

It is a very complete line of touch-buttons and thermostats with a slim design, full glass front surface and great customization possibilities and format options.


Available in two sizes and different touch areas with LED indicator:

  • Square [SQ] 2, 4 or 6 touch areas.
  • Rectangular/vertical [V] – 6 or 8 touch areas.

All this devices have a built-in temperature and humidity sensor capable of sending information to the KNX bus. They allow the control of a wide range of elements: binary outputs, blinds, electrovalves, dimmable lighting, fan coils, etc.


Following the same design line, there are different models of thermostats, with or without graphic interface or integrated humidity sensor. They are also offered with the option of an air quality sensor.

design & customization

All the Cubik series devices have a capacitive touch glass surface and a slim and elegant design.

The back cover is available in WHITE or BLACK, but its front glass is offered with up to three levels of customization:

  1. Basic – Fixed front glass available in white or black.
  2. Design – Custom fixed front glass.
  3. Capriccio – Interchangeable front glass, totally customized.

The personalization of the glass allows you to combine background images, texts and logos and customized icons.  In the  Capriccio range, the way to exchange the crystals is done with an easy and practical magnets system.

We provide an online application for the design and customization of Cubik series devices…

Bes Cubik brochure (pdf)         More information (web)